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Green Bay Chiropractors Provide Holistic Care

Improve Your Health at Industry Chiropractic!

In a newly developed area in Green Bay, chiropractor Dr. Tom Arbour offers modern health care in a beautiful setting. Industry Chiropractic’s warm, welcoming office is where you will be treated like family. You’ll feel comfortable and know you’re in exactly the right place to begin your journey toward health.

A Thorough Health Examination

Chiropractic care at our office starts with a thorough examination so we can determine your needs. Our doctor will discuss what’s happening in your body and how chiropractic care will address your concerns. People come into our office every day telling us how they’ve gotten better and how chiropractic has changed their life. We love to hear that we’ve made a difference in someone’s life!

Our Full-body Approach

Our peaceful environment allows us to focus on your spinal health.
Chiropractic is the main component of this, but at Industry Chiropractic, you’ll also find help with:

  • Nutritional counseling
  • Therapeutic exercises

We’ll fully explore all options that will help you find better health and discuss any lifestyle
changes that might be appropriate for you. We’re confident that chiropractic can offer you the
health solutions you desire. Contact us today to schedule your appointment with us!

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